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Information and Suggestions

1.      Length of Talk: One hour. If there is more than one session, Duncan Watt would like half an hour break between each session. (If you have a small group of particularly ‘gifted’ children, his talk can be extended to an hour and a half - or longer - to cover more creative writing ideas.)


2.      Who the Talk is for: For Primary Five and Primary Six children, with classes ‘streamed’ to allow for more homogeneous groupings. If you have a small group of really ‘gifted’ children, he would be more than happy to talk to them on their own. Similarly, if you have very weak students, they could be in a small group by themselves. He finds that if he has children with a very wide range of abilities in the same group it is counter-productive and generally a waste of time.


3.      Number of Children: Maximum per session: 120 children or three classes, but preferably 80 children (two classes) per session. But he is also more than willing to talk to individual classes.


4.      Please note this is not an Assembly Talk.


5.      Time Frame for the Talks: Several one-hour sessions are advisable, two sessions per day are preferable, or a maximum of three sessions per day (all with half an hour break between). The talks can cover several days to accommodate all the classes.


6.      Fee for the Talks: These talks are entirely free, no matter how many sessions your school requires. All Duncan asks in return is that he has the opportunity to sell the DVD disks to the children. There is no more stock of printed books. However, there is a single DVD with all twenty books available; the books are in PDF format. Teachers should be made aware of this and inform the children that they might want to buy a disk. So they should bring some money - $10.00 for each disk.


7.      Venue: An AVA Room or Library, whichever will fit two to three classes very comfortably. (Children can always sit on the floor.)


8.     Equipment: A PC or Laptop with PowerPoint facilities, including sound (with suitable volume to cope with the venue). Duncan usually does not need a microphone or speakers, but if the audio on the PC or Projector is not adequate, a mike can be placed in front of the internal projector or PC speaker. 

9.      Disk Sales: These can be bought immediately after the talk. What Duncan would like to suggest is that, in addition to the days of the talks, he can come on a subsequent day during recess to sell disks to those children who have forgotten to bring money earlier.


10.  Breaks between the Talks: Duncan Watt would like at least half an hour between the talks. This will allow him time to set himself up for the next talk, and also allow him time to interact with the children down in the canteen and sign disks.


11.  Teacher Participation: He strongly recommends that the children’s teachers join the sessions so that they can follow up on what has been covered in class later. Teachers and children might like to visit the Wallace Boys Web Site to prepare for the talk.


12.  School Library: Duncan Watt would also like to suggest that the school library gets copies of the disks, for, though many children might want to buy them, there are others who can’t afford them. He must admit he has found it quite embarrassing over the years to recommend the books in the library, only to find later that the school hasn’t got any copies. 


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