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School Visits

As many Singapore schools already know, Duncan Watt has been giving talks to Primary Five and Primary Six pupils for a number of years on Animal Conservation and Writing Skills. Some schools like Haig Girls' he visited regularly every year for more than twelve years. He also regularly visited Catholic High for many years; in fact, he was very proud to receive, twice, the "Friends of Haig Girls' Award" for his contributions and service to the school.


Regularly each year Duncan lectures on Writing Skills for the Creative Art Programme (Primary), Organised by the Gifted Education Branch of the Singapore Ministry of Education.


Now that he has stopped working for the British Council here in Singapore and he no longer appears on Channel Five TV reading the News, he has more time and plenty of opportunity to visit schools on a much more regular basis and also to continue writing. You might like to look at the Wallace Boys Web Site to find out a bit about the books he writes. There is also a page of Reviews, and you will notice that a United Kingdom Education Journal said:


Though the books will appeal to both boys and girls, teachers might well find them useful in attracting children who are reluctant to read.


Another journal had this to say:


What a wonderful way to learn.


If you would like Duncan to visit your school to talk about Animal Conservation and Composition Writing Skills, please contact him at duncan@wallaceboysbooks.com.


To find out more about the talks, please click here or the link at the left labelled: More about the Talks.


To make Duncanís talks more meaningful, he would like to make a few suggestions. To find out about these please click the link labelled: Useful Suggestions.


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