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Flying the Fox and Sailing the Spray


A Fox Moth



From time to time Duncan is working on a number of short stories. One series is set in Africa where the Wallace Boys and Muyunda get Scottie to teach them how to fly his Fox Moth biplane.









The other series of short stories, following on from Hostage in the Highlands, is to be set in northern waters round Britain and even across to Norway and possibly Iceland, where Richard Hannay teaches the brothers how to sail the Silver Spray.




The Silver Spray


Scotland to London - 1665


File:Great plague of london-1665.jpg




Breaking away from The Wallace Boys series, Duncan Watt may some time embark on a series of historical novels set in 17th Century London at the time of the Great Plague and the Great Fire. Research for these books is underway and who knows when he will start?


Deadly Pacts – Vienna 1889 – Berlin 1945

Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria



Mary Vetsera


Another idea rolling around in Duncan’s brain concerns a history of the two major wars of the 20th Century; World War One – The Great War – and World War Two. The book, to be called Deadly Pacts, will start with a suicide pact and end with another suicide pact. The first is the suicide of Archduke, the Crown Prince Rudolf of the Austrian Hapsburg Empire and his girlfriend, Mary Vetsera. The death of the Crown Prince sets in motion steps that lead to The Great War. The second is the suicide of Adolf Hitler and his just-married wife, Eva Braun. Hitler’s death effectively signals the end of World War Two.

Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun



World War Two in Poland


And for a long time Duncan has been working on another book; this time a novel set during World War Two in Nazi-dominated Poland.


In the Wallace Boys book The Monks of Montafon we met, through the pages of an old diary, a Polish girl who turned 13 the day that World War Two started, the 1st of September, 1939. Her name was Stacia. For her birthday she was given a horse and a diary. The 1st  of September was also when she saw both her parents and governess gunned down by a Nazi SS Officer outside their country house near Poland’s border with Germany.


A few extracts of Stacia’s diary appear in The Monks of Montafon.


Duncan thought that he might be able to fill in Stacia’s harrowing life, trying to survive in war-torn Poland. Along the way she meets up with Benjamin a young Jewish boy just escaped from a Nazi death camp, and later little Sandór, a Gypsy boy. Both have horrific stories to tell and all three try to flee out of Nazi controlled Poland and Czechoslovakia. This is their story.


Duncan has spent a number of years learning Polish and then he spent an exciting summer month travelling round the country for research. He promises himself that he has to return in the depths of winter!



The Seychelles


And yet one more book is nibbling. Not long ago Duncan visited the islands of the Seychelles in the Indian Ocean, possibly the most beautiful place on Earth! And a story is slowly appearing: a planned coup d'état, pirate treasure, a bitter oil dispute and a mysterious figure who may be a descendent of the King of France, Louis XVI and Queen Marie Antoinette who were both beheaded during the French Revolution.


A beach in the Seychelles





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