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Adventures in South-East Asia

The Treasure of the Tiger
ISBN 1-85646-108-4




Having sailed nearly halfway round the world in the Silver Spray, the Wallace Boys arrive in Singapore in South-East Asia where they meet up with two Singaporeans, Kheng Peng, a Chinese boy, and Zainal, a Malay. A radio mayday message, in Kheng Peng’s possession, from a Japanese ship in the closing stages of the Pacific War together with a visit to a former fighter of the Japanese in the famous Force 136 lead the boys to realize they are on the trail of adventure; namely, General Yamashita (the ‘Tiger of Malaya’) Tomoyuki’s legendary treasure.

The cover shows Bruce and Zainal throwing gold bars at a shark!

Their trail takes them to a small island, Pulau Tulai, near Malaysia’s Pulau Tioman where they find more clues to the location of the treasure - under an unexploded bomb! Following an intensive scuba-diving course for the two Singaporeans, the boys set sail across the South China Sea.


This is a tiny photo of Pulau Tulai


An exhausting underwater search of the top of a seamount produces the wrecked Hana-Maru, and their attempts to raise the treasure are thwarted by the presence of a shark, an underwater earthquake and a tsunami – the result of volcanic activity in the Philippines’ Mount Pinatubo.

(Note: Some of Duncan Watt’s royalties from the sale of this book have gone to the Marine Conservation Group of the Singapore Nature Society.)


The Sultan of the Sulu Sea
ISBN 1-85646-114-9



The Sultan of the Sulu Sea follows on from The Treasure of the Tiger where the Wallace Boys and Singaporeans, Kheng Peng and Zainal, are aboard the Silver Spray after the traumatic hunt for General Yamashita’s fabled treasure. The boys’ return to Singapore is forestalled by the appearance of the pirate boat, the Sabil. Following a desperate attempt to elude the Moro pirates, the Silver Spray is captured and the boys are taken as hostages.

The cover shows Kheng Peng and Zainal salvaging the Silver Spray.


The deliberate scuttling of the Silver Spray by the boys leads to tragedy, and the two Wallaces are transported to a small island in the Sulu Sea, the pirates’ lair, from which rescue seems impossible.



A pirate from the Sulu Sea lets rip!


Missing in the Mekong




In Missing in the Mekong, The Wallace Boys, together with Singaporeans Kheng Peng and Zainal, while returning to Singapore from the Sulu Sea aboard the Silver Spray, encounter a small boat bobbing about on the wide expanse of the South China Sea, apparently abandoned.

This chance encounter takes the four boys to the shores of Vietnam, where they help to find an American soldier, Marvin Wynne, left over from the Vietnam War under tragic circumstances.



The Silver Spray in poor shape


American, Lt Marvin Wynne waits to be found out



Vann, Marvin's wife, outside the US Embassy in Saigon


The Mine

Kheng Peng examines the mine Bruce has stepped on - very, very carefully!



The Pagodas of Pahang
ISBN 1-85646-108-4




While Zainal was searching the sunken Hana-Maru for treasure, he came across a magnificent kris, the wonderful wavy-bladed knife of the Malays that forms so much of their legends. When the Arabic inscriptions have been deciphered, it leads the boys off in a search of the rain forests of Malaysia for a ruined temple lost deep in the jungles of Taman Negara, the main National Park of Malaysia, encountering much of the wildlife of the Malay Peninsula, tigers, a slow loris, a rather bad-tempered king cobra and the little mouse deer, the pelanduk - the animal of so many Malay legends.


Their search is complicated by a group of ex-Communists who have returned to the jungle to continue their banditry. From their hide-out, surrounded by lethal booby traps, the outlaws have ambushed the Eastern & Oriental Express Train that plies its luxurious way between Singapore and Bangkok. One of the most elegant of all trains, the Eastern & Oriental is forced to make a detour, and when the raiders board it, they take a hostage in the form of the beautiful Flavia, a rockstar princess.

However, an idea taken from Alfred Russel Wallace’s book The Malay Archipelago, a king cobra, a gecko and a story about a pontianak - a beautiful female ghost - all lead to an extremely satisfactory conclusion.

(Note: Some of Duncan Watt’s royalties from the sale of this book have gone to the Malaysian Nature Society and the Malaysian Department of Wildlife.)



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