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Rebels across the Red Sea




This story starts with a horrifying terrorist massacre of tourists at Queen Hatshepsut’s Temple, one of the most spectacular archaeological sites near Luxor in Egypt – something like this actually happened a number of years ago. Nigel is caught up in the massacre but has obviously escaped death but he is missing. Bruce and a new-found friend, a Saudi prince by the name of Hanafi, are then involved in a desperate rescue bid on camels across the deserts of northern Saudi Arabia to save Nigel.


Rebels across the Red Sea II
Nemesis of the Nefud




Immediately following Rebels across the Red Sea and Nigel’s rescue, Nigel, Bruce and Hanafi, the Saudi Prince, find themselves up against a renegade group of Iraqis guarding chemical and bacteriological weapons in a remote hide-out in northern Saudi Arabia.


Rebels across the Red Sea III
The Terrorists of Tibesti





On returning to Egypt from northern Saudi Arabia, the three boys follow a trail leading to the band of terrorists who carried out the Luxor massacre. They travel by ultralight aircraft to a remote training camp in the Tibesti Mountains on the border of North Chad and South Libya.


South from the Seychelles




In South from the Seychelles, Nigel and Bruce are invited by Barry Jones – readers may remember him in The Sands of the Skeleton Coast and Trouble in Tristan – to help with a slight problem. His new motor yacht, the St Valery II, has been hired by a group of rather sinister individuals to visit the remote Kerguelen Islands in the South Indian Ocean. He needs the boys' help.


It promises to be a hairy ride to one of the most inhospitable places on earth, also called the Islands of Desolation. They also visit the even more remote desolate Heard Island. And somehow Jimmy Fowler, Richard Hannay and Prince Hanafi come along for the ride!


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