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Adventures in the Alps

Assignment in the Alps



Here the Wallace Boys, in an attempt to help the faltering monarchy of a small Alpine kingdom on the verge of a coup, find themselves in a desperate search for gold and art treasures taken from the fabulous Schloss Falkenstein and hidden by the Nazis at the end of World War Two in a remote mountain lake. To do this they must team up with the Crown Prince, Archduke Karl-Franz; get the help of a band of gypsies; climb a glacier at night and paraglide down to the lake.


But there is a deadline which is drawing dangerously near. Can they make it in time?


The alley leading to Strelsau

The valley leading to the capital, Strelsau




Is this Schloss Falkenstein in Assignment in the Alps?



Zenda Castle

Zenda Castle - Is this where the Nazi loot is? 



Traitors in the Tyrol






Almost immediately following Assignment in the Alps, the Wallace Boys and Karl-Franz head up into a remote area of the little Alpine kingdom for a bit of R&R. Little do they realize they are heading for trouble – in the form of a secret department of the CIA, America's Central Intelligence Agency – known as ‘Black Ops’. It is this department that has been clandestinely funding the attempted coup in the kingdom – and now they want their money back! The three boys somehow get in the way! And the CIA is hot on their heels, not to mention Rupert of Hentzau, Duke Michael and their oafish henchmen, Bersonin and Krafstein*.


*All these sinister characters are the descendants of those made famous in Anthony Hope's book, The Prisoner of Zenda. If you like, you can read this entire book free at this Web Site! And if you enjoyed it, there is a second by Anthony Hope, Rupert of Hentzau. Both these books are very well worth reading some time.

The Monks of Montafon




It is now winter, and the Wallace Boys have been recalled to Ruritania, because Karl-Franz, the Crown Prince, is missing. Their investigation leads to a monastery high in the Montafon Range of mountains on the border with Austria. Here they discover that the monks hold a terrible secret dating back to World War Two – the three boys discover underground mine tunnels directly beneath the monastery where the Nazis built their V-2 rockets using slave labour.



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