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Adventures in Africa

The Legacy of Lobengula
ISBN 1-85646-113-0




Back home on their parents’ farm outside Bulawayo in Zimbabwe, the Wallace boys team up with their best friend Muyunda Munalula, of the Lozi tribe in Zambia. For nearly as long as he can remember, Muyunda has worn a pendant round his neck. When it gets tampered with, Muyunda relates how it came into his possession.

His great-grandfather was dying and had told him how as a little boy he had joined the retinue of Lobengula, the last of the Matabele kings, who was reputed to have amassed a fortune in diamonds and gold.


After being defeated by the forces of Cecil John Rhodes, the founder of the country that bore his name - Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Lobengula is forced to flee his capital of Gu-bulawayo to the north where he dies. His faithful followers, including Muyunda’s great-grandfather, continue to the banks of the Zambezi River where, in a cave in the Batoka Gorges, they hide the treasure.

The Wallace Boys and Muyunda set off to find this treasure on horseback, making their starting point the magnificent Victoria Falls, visited and named by David Livingstone in 1855. The boys visit Scottie, a family friend, who proudly shows them the fantastic sights in his Fox Moth biplane. Muyunda for the first time encounters the Wallace Boys’ nemesis, the unholy pair of Isaacs and Lambert. Captured and tortured to reveal what he knows about Lobengula's treasure, Muyunda is left for dead when he falls over the gorge beside the Devil’s Cataract.

Eventually, the boys reach the long-lost cave tucked behind a small waterfall that tumbles into the Batoka Gorge many kilometres from the Victoria Falls. Their attempt to find the treasure is nearly thwarted by Isaacs but for the arrival of Scottie in his vintage Fox Moth.


Killers against Kariba
ISBN 1-85646-100-9




The Wallace brothers and Muyunda plan a quiet camping trip on Lake Kariba on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, but things turn a little hairy.

While photographing hippos one night, Bruce sees a mysterious boat loaded with uniformed men and an assortment of weapons crossing the lake, and the boys decide to investigate.

Their curiosity leads to both Bruce and Muyunda being captured by guerrilla fighters intent on overthrowing the Zimbabwean government. It is up to Nigel to rescue them which he does by setting fire to the surrounding bush, nearly incinerating his brother and friend in the process!

Together again, the three boys have to race against time to reach the immense Kariba Dam Wall before a bomb explodes set to bring the wall down.

The cover picture shows Nigel leading his brother and Muyunda out of the blazing inferno!

Kidnapped in the Kafue
ISBN 1-85646-091-6




Winner of the Highly Commended Award by the National Book Development Council of Singapore, this adventure takes place in the Kafue National Park of Zambia. Here the Wallace Boys and Muyunda visit Muyunda’s uncle, the Chief Game Warden in the park.

Apart from the uncle acting weirdly, the boys discover very soon that they are on the trail of a vicious gang of poachers who have teamed up with a group of terrorists. Set against the exciting backdrop of Africa’s magnificent wildlife, including a cantankerous elephant that chases cars and buffaloes used as a decoy, the story leads the three boys in an ancient Land Rover, named by the boys ‘Lazarus’ for obvious reasons, to track down the poachers, the terrorists and what is upsetting Muyunda’s uncle.


(Note: some of Duncan Watt’s royalties from the sale of this book have gone to the Kafue National Park.) 

Crash in the Caprivi
ISBN 1-85646-099-1




Muyunda invites his two friends, the Wallace Boys, to Mongu in Western Zambia to witness the colourful annual Kuomboka Ceremony in which the Lozi people move from their homes on the Barotse Plain flooded by the rising Zambezi River to their winter quarters. Muyunda himself is a paddler in the ceremony during which he sees someone behaving very strangely; when this same person takes the same aeroplane flight the boys are on, Muyunda realizes that something very strange is going on.


This is confirmed when the man orders the pilot of the Beaver aircraft to fly along the narrow corridor of land known as the Caprivi Strip to the Etosha Pan in Namibia.

After a hair-raising landing on the flat surface of the salt pan, the boys find themselves up against Isaacs and Lambert once again!

The return flight, now with a hoard of diamonds, crashes. The pilot is out of action with a broken leg and Bruce is taken hostage, to ensure Isaacs and Lambert
s safety after they cross the Kalahari. However, Bruce is spat in the eyes by a spitting cobra, and the men abandon their now blind hostage.

A Bushman boy of their own age leads Nigel and Muyunda across the Kalahari to the Okavango Delta in Botswana where a dramatic chase ends the flight of Isaacs and Lambert who have commandeered a swamp buggy. Once again, Scottie and his Fox Moth biplane, this time with floats, have got in on the act!





(Note: Some of Duncan Watt’s royalties from the sale of this book have gone to Survival International.)


Copyright 2013. Duncan Watt. All rights reserved.


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