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Adventures in the South Atlantic Ocean

Skulduggery in the South Atlantic
ISBN 1-85646-110-6




The first adventure in the series starts aboard a ship visiting the Island of St Helena where the Wallace Boys are going to stay with their uncle, the Governor. While on board the RMS St Helena, Bruce discovers that there is a pair of stowaways in one of the lifeboats and he gets thrown off the back of the ship for his pains.

When the brothers, together with St Helenian, Jimmy Fowler, arrive on St Helena, they discover that all is not well. Their search for the stowaways, Isaacs and Lambert, who have eluded detection, leads them to Longwood House where Napoleon spent his years on the island following his defeat at the Battle of Waterloo, and thence to the Gates of Chaos, an extremely treacherous part of the island.

Matters reach a head when the Governor starts behaving strangely and the three boys find that weapons, including Russian-made AK-47s, have been smuggled onto the island. It is clear that a coup is being planned. Can the boys foil the attempt?

The cover picture shows the famous Jacob’s Ladder of 699 steps which the youngsters on St Helena slide down!

The Sands of the Skeleton Coast
ISBN 1-85646-107-6




Nigel, Bruce and St Helenian Jimmy Fowler risk their necks by accepting a ride aboard a motor yacht, the St Valery, for their return to Cape Town. The owner, Barry Jones, wants to make a detour to see the terrifying Namibian Skeleton Coast where numerous ships have come to grief, including the Dundee Star on which Barry’s father worked during World War Two. Aboard the wreck is a cache of diamonds, and Barry knows just how to get it, and nothing, it seems, will stop him!

This desperate adventure takes the boys to the edge of danger where they fight the most dangerous of the world’s deserts with its mysterious plant and animal life, the weird Welwitschia, the grotesque elephant’s foot, the desert lions, the brown hyena and the Namib sidewinder snake.


They even encounter a galleon several kilometres inland of ‘the coast that walks’! All the while, they are dogged by the presence of Isaacs and Lambert.

(Note: the Dundee Star is actually based on a real-life ship, the Dunedin Star of the Blue Star Line, which was wrecked on the Skeleton Coast during World War Two.)

Trouble in Tristan
ISBN 85646-092-4




The three boys are still aboard the St Valery with Barry when she gets hijacked after leaving the Namibian port of Luderitz. The hijacker is a young German, by the name of Gustav Stoltenhoff, who has just joined the yacht for the final leg of the journey to Cape Town. He is desperate to reach the tiny South Atlantic island called Inaccessible in the Tristan da Cunha Group.

Gustav is a descendent of one of the few people ever to live on Inaccessible Island, and he has recently learnt that a German U-boat put into the island late in World War Two on its way to find refuge in Argentina. Aboard the submarine was a treasure of artworks looted by Hermann Goering.


After the treasure has been loaded aboard the St Valery in a secret cave, following their hazardous ocean crossing, the three boys and Barry are marooned on the island. In their attempt to get rescued, they encounter most of the island’s amazing bird population - albatrosses, spectacled shoemakers, the tiny Inaccessible rail, rockhopper penguins and the vicious skua.


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